The CPCE and the Anglican Churches: Memorandum

A memorandum formalising previous and forthcoming co-operation between the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE) and the British and Irish Anglican churches has been presented by the Council to the 7th General Assembly of the CPCE. Harvey Richardson of the Methodist Church in Great Britain, Jonathan Gibbs from the Church of England and Thomas Wipf, President of the CPCE, all took to the podium to elaborate.

Richardson summarised the efforts at dialogue between the CPCE and the Anglican churches over the last 20 years by emphasising the continuing importance of identifying and voicing any areas of common ground. The formal agreements met between Anglican and European Protestant churches on previous occasions at Meißen (1988), Reuilly (1999) und Porvoo (1992) had already laid an important foundation for the Anglicans' continuing work with the CPCE as well, Richardson said. He views the new Memorandum as a testament to the mutual understanding and trust that can be channelled into the further development of their co-operation.

Jonathan Gibbs delivered greetings from the Bishop of Guildford and informed the Assembly that the four Anglican churches – Church of England, Church of Ireland, Church in Wales and Scottish Episcopal Church – were on the point of putting their signatures to the agreement, heralding a welcome opportunity for the continuation of theological dialogue.

Thomas Wipf described the Memorandum as a significant step forwards and pointed out that the agreement on regular consultation would be sure to enhance existing efforts towards productive forms of co-operation.

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