CPCE at the World Exhibition of Reformation

Wittenberg, 20 May – 10 September 2017

During the Reformation summer of 2017, Churches from all over the world, international institutions, organisations, initiatives and many creative artists will be showcasing their current perspective on the Reformation in Wittenberg. There will be an extensive fringe programme at large and small venues in marquees and on stages dotted around the town offering visitors the chance to join in discussions, debates, panel sessions and various other events.

Seven themed zones will house displays along Wittenberg’s ramparts: a) Welcome, b) Spirituality, c) Youth, d) Peace, Justice and Integrity of Creation, e) Globalisation / One World, f) Religion / Ecumenism, and g) Culture.

The CPCE is running a stand in the Religion/Ecumenism zone for the duration of the World Exhibition. The CPCE’s Garden Pavillion House will be located between the EKD’s “Hostel of Ecumenism” and the LWF’s “Heavens Tent”, right next to the Luther Garden.

As it thrives through its member churches, the CPCE will be exhibiting hand-in-hand with them at the World Exhibition.

We are expecting the following co-exhibitors:

·         United Methodist Church                                         

·         Protestant Church A.C. in Austria                          

·         Magyarországi Református Egyház                                       

·         Magyarországi Evangélikus Egyház                        

·         Protestantse Kerk in Nederland                                            

·         Protestantesch Kiirch vu Lëtzebuerg                                   

·         Reformovaná Krest’anská Církev na Slovensku

You can see who is running the stand for each week in the attached table (download)! Plenty of people who work with the CPCE have also offered to assist with the CPCE’s show.

Please pay us a visit at the World Exhibition of Reformation in Wittenberg!

Opening times: Wednesdays to Mondays (closed Tuesdays), 10.00 a.m.– 6.00 p.m. (please click the link for further information).


Special event:

On Thursday, 29 June, 2017 (10 a.m. to 12 noon), there will be a special presentation of the CPCE’s orientation aid on ethical issues at the beginning of life (“Before I formed you in the body of your mother ...”).

Location: Württemberg House, Fleischerstraße 9, Wittenberg.


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