Leuenberg - Meissen - Porvoo

Models of Church Unity from the Viewpoint of the Leuenberg Agreement

Statement of the Executive Committee of the LCF

From the introduction:

It is now twenty five years since the development of church fellowship of the churches of the Reformation based on the Leuenberg Agreement (LA). This is an occasion to review the experiences the participating churches have had in relation to the Agreement. Also, the LA model of church unity of the varying confessional traditions should be included in the analysis.

In the meantime further agreements for the promotion of church unity and the fellowship of the churches in Europe have come into being through the Meissen Common Statement (MCS) and the Porvoo Common Statement (PCS), and this also constitutes a good reason for such an analysis. This raises the question of whether the results and objectives of these agreements are compatible with those of the LA, to what degree they differ from each other, and whether they may proceed beyond the LA.

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